Friday, 17 May 2013

Interview #3, Ryan

This time the interviewee is Ryan, who is learning Japanese. You can find the previous interviews here: Language interviews.
If anyone who isn't learning Japanese would also like to fill out the form, I'd really appreciate it. I've got quite a few people who are learning Japanese who filled it out, but not other languages yet. Please take the short time needed to fill out the form and maybe you'll be able to find other students more easily.

Name: Ryan
Country: Scotland
Age: 15

Original language: English
New language: Japanese
Proficiency in new language: 1/5, Just started

How long have you been learning the language: 2 years
Other languages you speak: none
Why are you learning the language: Well at first I wanted to see if I liked it, as my sister was already studying it, so I already had some studying materials. At first I continued learning it (Besides from liking it) because I wanted to watch anime without needing to look at the subs constantly, but as time went on and I started to learn more about the culture (i.e. from NHK world), I wanted to move or at least spend a long while in Japan. Also my future job ambition is to work at Nintendo, as either a game designer or (now also,) as a game translator.

What do you find the most fun part about learning the language: I personally like the kanji, I think it's because I like complex things, but I also like the sound of the language.
What do you hate about learning the language:  I hate the more advanced particles and the readings for the kanji

What is your tip to other people learning this language: The only thing I can think of is: when it comes to learning the reading of a kanji, try and find vocab which has the kanji in it, I suppose this is learning through context.

Do you have a tip for everyone learning a new language: Tip one would be always persevere and don't stop. Another is try and find a time during the day when you find it easier to concentrate, for me it's at night, cause it's quiet and no one will interrupt me.

Places where you can also find Ryan:
Twitter : @Storykage

Thanks for filling out this interview Ryan! I found your answers very interesting, and I'm glad to see you've got a great ambition for learning Japanese.

Study on!